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Each of NOAA's Education programs promote and highlight their individual elements, but the Office of Education provides a much broader perspective and encompasses all of NOAA’s education offerings.

Among the means for Education outreach include:

  • A web presence for education outreach, at
  • The Education Outreach Center - the central repository of educational materials, activities, and supplements for educators.
  • Education Conferences and Community Events - participation by NOAA staff at conferences targeting educators as well as community events which focus on hands-on education activities for families.
  • Science Fairs, student or community-based contests and awards, in which competitors are encouraged by NOAA staff to participate in local, regional, and national science fairs, including the National Ocean Sciences Bowl.

Through these means, educational outreach is a cornerstone of environmental literacy which builds awareness, skill development, and behavioral changes.


NOAA Education Outreach Center


Outreach material

The Education Outreach Center promotes environmental literacy and increased awareness of NOAA through outreach event guidance, planning, and material support. The Center provides educational materials from across NOAA lines and programs in support of agency conferences and community outreach events through requests from formal and informal educators, students, researchers, emergency services personnel, and NOAA employees.... Read More.



Science Fair Participation


Science Fair Photo

The NOAA Office of Education supports student research on issues related to our agency’s mission. Since 2005, NOAA has offered “Taking the Pulse of the Planet” awards at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), as well as at the local and regional U.S. science fairs that feed into ISEF. These awards recognize outstanding projects in ocean, coastal, Great Lakes, weather, and climate sciences....Learn More.