NOAA SOS Users Collaborative Network

January 22-24, 2007
Maryland Science Center - Baltimore, MD


SOS DemoNOAA's Office of Education held a workshop for the user's group of NOAA's Science On a Sphere (SOS) system (the SOS Users Collaborative Network).  The workshop, which took place in Baltimore, MD on January 22-24th, allowed institutions that have public displays of SOS and groups that work with the technology to discuss best practices and plans for advancing the SOS program.  The 61 participants in attendance represented 24 different organizations, including informal science centers, federal, agencies, universities, and exhibit and visualization specialists.   The workshop included demonstrations at two exhibits that feature SOS: the first at the Maryland Science Center where the meeting was held, and the second at the NASA Goddard Visitor's Center, the destination of an afternoon visit.  The workshop generated some exciting ideas and substantial plans for advancing the SOS system and the content that is available for the system.  You can learn more about Science On a Sphere from the program Web site at:

This workshop report contains materials associated with the workshop, all of the presentations that were given during the workshop, and summary notes for each workshop session.  The materials that apply to the entire workshop are presented first, followed by the presentations and notes which are presented according to the order of the workshop sessions,

If you have any questions about the workshop you can contact John McLaughlin of NOAA's Office of Education at

Workshop Materials

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Presentations and Notes

Note: These items are presented in order of the sessions of the workshop for which they correspond to.

Monday – Jan 22, 2007

Opening Session

Invited Speakers: SOS Institutions and Others

Breakout Groups Session 1:
Technical Strand – Software and Hardware Issues

Content Strand – Creating New Content

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Tuesday – Jan 23, 2007

Breakout Groups Session 2:
Technical Strand – Virtual Library

Content Strand – Evaluation

Breakout Groups Session 3:
Technical Strand - Making SOS more interactive

Content Strand – Effective Visualizations

Presentation Session on the Sphere at Goddard:

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Wednesday – Jan 23, 2007

Session at the SOS Exhibit:
Hands-on training sessions on SOS

  • No notes for this session

Tour of MSC SOS exhibit and discussion of Kiosks

Meeting Wrap Up and Next Steps Discussion:

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