2008 Network ASTC Meeting Report


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Meeting Report

NOAA's SOS Users Collaborative Network Meeting
2008 ASTC Conference

Picture of Thrid Day of Workshop at Imiloa
Photo courtesy of Brent Beall, National Maritime Museum


For the third year in a row, NOAA’s Office of Education hosted a meeting of the NOAA SOS Users Collaborative Network at the Association of Science Technology Centers (ASTC) Conference. The meeting took place in Philadelphia, PA from 8:30-10:00 AM on Monday October 20th. The main focus of the meeting was to introduce and discuss the preliminary plan for a future funding opportunity to build capacity within the network. A number of other isssues of interest to the network were also presented and discussed. Many thanks to all who participated in this meeting.

Below you will find the agenda, participant list, notes from the meeting, the presentations that were given, and pictures from the meeting

If you have any questions about the meeting you can contact John McLaughlin of NOAA’s Office of Education at John.McLaughlin@noaa.gov.

Meeting Materials


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