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NOAA - Education Strategic Plan For Public Comment
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Education Strategic Plan

2015 - 2035 NOAA Education Strategic Plan

2015 2035 Education Strategic Plan

In a truly collaborative fashion, NOAA educators, staff, and leadership combined efforts with the broader education and resource management community, nongovernmental organizations, teachers, and interested citizens to produce this blueprint for NOAA’s future work in education.

2016 - 2017 NOAA Education Implementation Plan

2015 2035 Education Strategic Plan

Developed as a companion to the NOAA Education Strategic Plan, the Implementation Plan highlights priority actions that improve NOAA's ability to support, plan, and deliver high-quality education programs in the next two years. It builds upon NOAA's ongoing work in education and describes how NOAA plans to update agency-wide priorities, reach more people from all backgrounds, and maintain relevance in a changing world.

Background Information

For over 200 years, NOAA has imparted scientific knowledge of the Earth’s natural systems to benefit society and support the agency’s mission. During this time, education was guided by the vision of leadership, the findings of researchers, the mandates of legislation for programs within NOAA, NOAA, and the needs of society.

In 2007, Congress provided authorization for the role of education in NOAA with the passage of the America COMPETES Act (P.L. 110-69). This legislation states:

“The Administrator, appropriate National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration programs, ocean atmospheric science and education experts, and interested members of the public shall develop a science education plan setting forth education goals and strategies for the Administration, as well as programmatic actions to carry out such goals and priorities over the next 20 years, and evaluate and update such plan every 5 years.”

NOAA has revised the Education Strategic Plan as specified in the America COMPETES Act. Based on NOAA’s mission, scientific expertise, and the future needs of our society, the draft plan includes five education goals:

  • Goal 1 - Science-Informed Society: An informed society has access to, interest in, and understanding of NOAA-related sciences and their implications for current and future events.

  • Goal 2 - Conservation & Stewardship: Individuals and communities are actively involved in stewardship behaviors and decisions that conserve, restore, and protect natural and cultural resources related to NOAA’s mission.

  • Goal 3 - Safety and Preparedness: Individuals and communities are informed and actively involved in decisions and actions that improve preparedness, response, and resilience to challenges and impacts of hazardous weather, changes in climate, and other environmental threats monitored by NOAA.

  • Goal 4 - Future Workforce: A diverse and highly-skilled future workforce pursues careers in disciplines that support NOAA’s mission.

  • Goal 5 - Organizational Excellence: NOAA functions in a unified manner to support, plan, and deliver effective educational programs and partnerships that advance NOAA’s mission.

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