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NOAA OED - ELG FY2005 Awardees
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Environmental Literacy Grants Program

Grants for Free-choice Learning: FY07

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Overview of Funding Announcement

NOAA's Office of Education (OED) issued a request for applications for environmental literacy projects in support of free-choice learning. Funded projects were between one and five years in duration and were designed to create new, or capitalize on existing, networks of institutions, agencies, and/or organizations to provide common messages about key concepts in Earth System Science. Proposed projects supported NOAA's vision of an informed society that uses a comprehensive understanding of the role of the ocean, coasts, and atmosphere in the global ecosystem to make the best social and economic decisions.


The awards are summarized below. For more information regarding specific awards, please contact the Office of Education Grants Team.

  • Dubuque County Historical Society - the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium (PI: Jerry Enzler, Co-PI: Ted Beattie)
    $443,671 grant for "Ocean Interpretive Stations: a Proposal for Pilot Program for Coastal America Coastal Ecosystem Learning Centers." This 3-year project will support the installation of interactive kiosks at 4 sites - Aquarium of the Pacific, National Aquarium in Baltimore, the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium and John G. Shedd Aquarium. These "ocean interpretative stations" will employ content from the SI Ocean Hall's "ocean in the news" kiosks but will augment them with regionally relevant stories. The project is intended to enhance ocean literacy among 3 million visitors. NMRMA Abstract (PDF)

  • The Ocean Foundation - The Ocean Project (PI: Paul Boyle, Co-PI: Bill Mott)
    $375,100 grant for "Building Environmental Literacy: How the Ocean Community Can Connect More Effectively with the American Public." This 3-year project will follow up on the 1999 study of public attitudes and knowledge about the ocean. The project will conduct qualitative and quantitative research on public ocean literacy with the goal of informing educators at free-choice learning institutions on how best to improve the ocean literacy of their visitors. OP Abstract (Word)

  • Here to the Ocean, a nationally traveling museum exhibition - Sciencenter ( PI: Janet Huie)
    $750,000 grant for the Sciencenter which seeks to develop a 1,500-square-foot traveling exhibition, called "Here to the Ocean," on how activity in inland watersheds affects the health of the ocean, and therefore the planet. The unifying theme of the exhibition is "What we do here, has an impact there," and the key take-home message for museum visitors is that ocean water quality is not just a coastal issue. This exhibition will travel to museums throughout the United States, reaching an estimated 200,000+ visitors annually for at least seven years, resulting in an estimated total impact of 1.5 million visitors in at least 20 U.S. cities. The core audience of this exhibition will be families with children ages 6-12, and children visiting museums in school groups. Sciencenter Abstract (PDF)