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NOAA OED - ELG FY2005 Awardees
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Environmental Literacy Grants Program

Grants for Formal K-12 Education: FY07

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Overview of Funding Announcement

The NOAA Office of Education (OED) issued a request for applications for environmental literacy projects in support of K-12 education. Funded projects were between one and five years in duration and were designed to promote changes in
K-12 education to expand the amount of Earth System Science taught in the classroom and improve student learning of that subject. Successful projects catalyzed change in K-12 education through development of new programs and/or materials, and/or revision of existing programs and/or materials, to support transformative methods that expand the use of Earth System Science in K-12 classrooms.


The awards are summarized below. For more information regarding specific awards, please contact the Office of Education Grants Team.

  • Eastern Michigan University (PI: Sandra Rutherford, Co-PI: Laura Eidietis)
    $461,534 grant for "Sailing Elementary Teachers Towards Ocean Literacy Using Familiar Water Resources." This 5-year project will infuse ocean and Great Lakes content into core courses for pre-service elementary teachers. The project will also update and incorporate these concepts into well-regarded instructional materials (i.e., GLOBE storybooks), train teachers on how to use them, and will measure the environmental, ocean and Great Lakes literacy of the elementary teachers and their students before and after this instruction is provided. EMU Abstract (PDF)

  • Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance (PI: Francis Eberle, Co-PI: Page Keeley)
    $566,467 grant for "Earth as a System is Essential - Seasons and the Seas." This 3-year project will focus on in-depth professional development of in-service middle school teachers within state of Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This professional development will prepare them to serve as teacher resource agents. Building on students' prior knowledge of seasons in New England, the instructional materials will incorporate ocean-related material into the curriculum by comparing seasons on land to seasons in the ocean. MMSA Abstract (PDF)

  • University of California, Berkeley/Lawrence Hall of Science (PI: Craig Strang, Co-PIs: Jacqueline Barber, Catherine Halversen)
    $709,992 grant for "Ocean Sciences Curriculum Sequence for Grades 3-5." This 3-year project will update and augment instructional materials that are part of the MARE and GEMS programs to create a coherent, standards-based curriculum for grades 3-5 that addresses the Ocean Literacy Essential Principles. UC/LHS Abstract (PDF)