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STUDENT:NOAA Hollings and EPP Undergraduate Scholars Complete Summer Internships

Published July 2014

Kyle Nolan, Hollings Scholar interning at Macdill Air Force Base in St. Petersburg, FL

At the end of July, 125 NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholars and 18 Educational Partnership Program (EPP) Undergraduate Scholars will finish their summer internships. They will travel to Silver Spring, MD, to present their projects at the Education and Science Symposium, held July 28-31st. The Hollings and EPP Scholars have spent the past ten weeks working at NOAA facilities across the country under the guidance of a NOAA mentor. Here's what some of the scholars had to say about their experience:

Jennifer Johnson, Hollings Scholar interning with the National Ocean Service in Silver Spring, MD

"My experience thus far has given me confidence in what I want to do as I move forward in developing my career goals. I am excited to take the first few steps to building a successful and fulfilling career path." - Olivia Poon, EPP Scholar, Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

"This has been a fantastic internship all around. I managed my own project and developed real-world software that will be used long after I leave. Wherever I work in the future, it will be somewhere engaging and challenging, where I have the opportunity to affect positive and meaningful change." - Kyle Nolan, Hollings Scholar, Office of Marine and Aviation Operations

"During my internship, I have improved my troubleshooting skills. I have been challenged in a way that has led me to think critically and utilize all sources of information that are available to me." - Jennifer Johnson, Hollings Scholar, National Ocean Service

"My mentor let me tag along on a damage survey after a tornado, and a man who lost his home told us the warning we issued saved his life. That may have been an exaggeration, but it was still pretty powerful."- Ryan Connelly, Hollings Scholar, National Weather Service

"I am proud to be a NOAA EPP Undergraduate Scholar, because this scholarship explores my career interests, allows me to conduct research under the guidance of NOAA scientists and to be a part of the NOAA team" - Autumn Chong, EPP Scholar, National Ocean Service

"During my internship, I was able to gather graduate school advice from NOAA employees and academic research scientists. These discussions have affirmed my interest in marine studies and encouraged me to pursue a Master's degree in marine conservation or coastal management." - Ashley Gordon, Hollings Scholar, National Marine Fisheries Service

Ashley Gordon, Hollings Scholar interning at the Sandy Hook Lab in Highlands, NJ

Kelly Nunez, EPP Scholar interning at the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Lab in Miami, FL

In addition, NOAA scientists benefit greatly from the Hollings and EPP Scholarship Programs. NOAA offices hosting interns are able to increase their research productivity. One NOAA mentor stated,

"Our intern hit the ground running on day one and has made great progress. We have had to expand the scope of the internship because she has worked so hard and learned so quickly. She has contributed a great deal in a short period of time."

Another mentor said, "Our intern is doing an excellent job and we have offered him co-authorship on the resulting paper."

Congratulations and good luck to all of the Hollings and EPP Scholars!

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