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GRANTEE:Miami Science Museum Opens an Interactive Exhibit

Published September 2012

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Through support from an Environmental Literacy Grant, the Miami Science Museum opened an interactive exhibit called Climate Change Miami, which allows visitors to explore Earth's climate system, the human activities contributing to change, and the potential impacts of global warming at the global level and as they are likely to be experienced in Miami. Visitors can take turns controlling a Magic Planet to view global data on the spherical display, while others can browse related local examples on touchscreen kiosks and adjacent display monitors.

The exhibit was developed in collaboration with Ideum, who designed the multi-user interface and touchscreen application. Visitors control the sphere by manipulating a 2-D representation of the spherical display on the touchscreen. The exhibit is fully bilingual, and provides an engaging experience regardless of whether visitors decide to use one of the kiosks, or just watch the displays.

Following installation, the Institute for Learning Innovation completed a second round of formative testing, providing valuable insights that will be used to refine the exhibit in the coming months. Initial findings show that visitors are ‘enamored with the interactive nature of the entire exhibit', with many commenting on the attractiveness of the displays, and the power of the images to draw visitors in for further investigation. The design is also proving successful in supporting engagement by multi-generational groups, with grown-ups explaining the content and children often displaying more ease with the touchscreen interface.

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