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STUDENT:It's No Mind Trick, Office of Education Hosts Evaluation Internship with a GEDI

Published April 2013

The American Evaluation Association's Graduate Education Diversity Internship (GEDI) Program is a unique opportunity to help to build evaluation's future through fostering the professional growth of an intern from a background under-represented in the field. Interns work two days per week, September through June, on meaningful evaluation project work by applying their inquiry skills to real-life situations in the agency. NOAA Office of Education served as a host site this year (FY2013). Host sites provide meaningful evaluation project work and mentoring to GEDI interns.

Kwamé McIntosh was selected as NOAA's GEDI evaluation intern. Kwame is a graduate student in the School of Social Work at Howard University. His primary interest in evaluation is in its ability to ensure that the mission of organizations are being accomplished by those who work tirelessly to achieve the desired impact.

Kwame Mcintosh
Kwamé McIntosh, graduate student in the School of Social Work at Howard University.

Kwamé's evaluation project is a qualitative analysis of survey data for the Educational Partnership Program (EPP) Undergraduate Scholarship Program (USP) and the Ernest F. Hollings scholarship program. For the project he analyzed exit survey data collected from 2008 to 2012 across over 550 participants and will help to inform program delivery and future evaluations. In addition to the project, Kwame developed program logic models for the USP, Hollings and the Nancy Foster Scholarship program.

In the future, Kwamé plans to use evaluation to ensure that organizations fashioned to impact the fields of education, public health, and human rights are maximizing their abilities to generate change in this world, especially those serving children, youth, and families.

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