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GRANTEE:The 2013 Climate Change Education Principal Investigators Meeting

Published November 2013

Despite the absence of federal agency representatives, the third annual Climate Change Education Principal Investigators (CCE PI) Meeting went on as planned, with some changes to the agenda and a lot of help from attendees who stepped in at the last minute to cover federal agency colleagues' roles in the meeting. The annual CCE PI meeting is a working meeting of principal investigators and other key personnel of climate change education projects currently or recently funded by NASA, NOAA and NSF.

Lisa Discussing the role of Env. Policy
2013 Climate Change Education Principal Investigators Meeting

The purpose of this jointly held meeting is to facilitate synergy and collaboration among project partners as well as with other external networks to expand their projects' impacts and leverage results. This year's meeting provided grant recipients with information on current climate change science findings and policies, how communities are responding to those findings, and how projects can be scaled up and sustained. On the first day, attendees heard from Dr. Don Wuebbles of the University of Illinois on the Working Group I contribution to the IPCC 5th Assessment Report, Dr. Don Boesch of the University of Maryland on the President Obama's Climate Action Plan, and Dr. Robert Summers, Secretary of the Environment and Chair of the Maryland Climate Change Commission, on state-level planning for climate change. On day two, attendees heard from Reverend Sally Bingham, President of the Regeneration Project, Interfaith Power and Light, on engaging faith communities and individuals in collective action, from education on climate change to energy saving activities and policy advocacy.

Attendees also heard from Ms. Leah Qusba, Deputy Director, Strategic Partnerships & Campaigns, Alliance for Climate Education, on educating America's high school students about climate change science and inspiring them to take action. A third speaker, Ms. Michele Madia, Director of Sustainability Finance and Policy of Second Nature, was unable to attend the meeting due to illness; nevertheless, Mr. Mark McCaffrey, Programs and Policy Director of National Center for Science Education, stepped in and presented on behalf of the organization. Mr. McCaffrey spoke about Second Nature's work with thousands of faculty and administrators at more than 500 colleges and universities committed to making sustainable living the foundation of all learning and practice in higher education.

On the final day, Mr. Jim Elder, Director of the Campaign for Environmental Literacy and Mr. William Heaton, Chief of Staff and Strategic Advisor to the President at the Council on Foundations, spoke to the attendees about the current trends and future opportunities for climate change education funding. Additionally, the scientists, educators and evaluators representing approximately 100 climate change education projects acknowledged advances made by the community and shared the latest information about their projects' impacts and lessons learned.

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