Tsunami Education Resource Kit CD


Tsunami Curriculum K-6 
Tsunami Curriculum 7-12 

Tsunami Textbooks                             

Pre- elementary   Earthquakes and Tsunamis
2nd to 4th gradeI Invite You to Know the Earth I 
5th to 8th grade   I Invite You to Know the Earth II

High School

Ch. 1   Earthquakes and Tsunamis                       
Ch. 2   The Earth’s Crust on the Move             
Ch. 3   Seismicity of the Earth and Volcanoes
Ch. 4   Tsunamis                                   
Ch. 5  Seismicity of the Country                                  
Ch. 6   Earthquakes and Tsunamis, Protection Measures          

Teacher’s Guides                                                         

2-4th grade                                                                
5-8th grade                                                                  
High School                                                           

Elementary Inquiry Activity -Tsunameter: doc or pdf     
Secondary Inquiry Activity – Effects of Sea Floor Topography on Tsunami Wave Height: doc or pdf 
DART (Deep Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis) Diagram with an inquiry activity: doc or pdf  

websites and NSE standards

Introduction to Website Selection, doc or pdf
National Science Education Standards, doc or pdf
NOAA Tsunami Websites (selected with a focus on classroom activities) with Descriptions, doc or pdf
Related Educational Activity Website Links, doc or pdf
General Tsunami Guide for NOAA


Oceanography – Tsunami Scattering and Earthquake Faults in the Deep Pacific Ocean 

Press Releases

NOAA Reacts Quickly to Indonesian Tsunami, doc or pdf
U.S. Announces Plan for an Improved Tsunami Detection and Warning System, doc or pdf

Historical Perspective, NOAA Library

Historical Perspective: NOAA Library, with images and bibliography: doc or pdf


Tsunami – The Great Waves on the West Coast and Alaska 
Tsunami – The Great Waves Booklet 
International Tsunami Center                              
Is Your Community Ready for the Next Tsunami?
National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program 


Frequently Asked Questions about Tsunami Ready, doc or pdf
Washington State Tsunami Warning System,  Ted Buehner, NWS, WCM, Seattle, doc or pdf


Pyroclastic Flow into theMediterrean Sea, .mov
Worldwide Oceanographic Simulation of Indonesian Event: Vasily V. Titov
, .mov
Indonesia Tsunami Inundation
Computer Model of the Indonesia Regional Wave Motion, Bill Knight, wmv  
DART (Deep Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis), .exe
Submarine Landslide Simulation that occurs in Valdez, Alaska, Los Alamos Gaylen Gisler, National Laboratory, .mov
Selected Powerpoint Slides, Bill Knight, West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, Zygmunt Kowalik, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, ppt (64 mg) or pdf (22 mb)

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This CD compiled and researched by Joyce Stark, Einstein Educator Fellow,
Office of Education and Sustainable Development, NOAA's National Weather Service